A Poem about the Bush Hotel (1902)

The Lovely Bush Hotel

Through foreign climes I’ve wandered, and I’ve seen some princely domes,
In Belfast and in Dublin fair there are some splendid homes;
But in countries grand or cities great no building can excel
That mansion grand in Carrick town, the lovely Bush Hotel.

In the centre of the town it stands, beside the Chapel high,
Where pious people pray to him, who rules the earth and sky;
And we daily hear in tones so clear the voice of the Chapel bell,
Which sounds so sweet as music through the lovely Bush Hotel.

At the other side the Shannon flows, and boats move to and fro,
And many are the flowers fine along its banks that grow;
And Leitrim men bright honours won, where pigeons often fell
In that green field connected with the lovely Bush Hotel.

Some noble lords, some travellers grand, and pleasure-seekers gay,
A visit to this lovely place do very often pay;
‘Tis as fair a place as you can see, ‘tis a beauteous spot to dwell,
‘Tis a credit to green Erin’s Isle, the lovely Bush Hotel.

At the famous Bush fair Beauty’s hand adorns every scene,
Those trees that grow beside the halls, those lovely bushes green,
Bring visions to the dreamer’s mind, and help poor bards to tell
The story of this charming dome, the lovely Bush Hotel.

I’ve seen that lovely Bush, from which this building takes it’s name,
It grew so grand beside the door as the place grew up in fame;
One clear, bright day it was cut away, but then it never fell,
For its name and fame will always live in the lovely Bush Hotel.

Bernard Gray (1902)

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